Are you messaging an unknown person on Instagram? A new feature coming to help!


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Instagram is all set to introduce a new feature that will help users send messages to unknown users. This feature will appear as a "Suggested" tab in the "Message Requests" section.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the feature will suggest people with whom users can connect based on their followers, liked posts and comments. Users can view these suggestions and send messages to those they find interesting.

Why is this feature useful?

It helps users connect with people with similar interests.

It facilitates making new friends and expanding one's network.

It helps to connect with individuals who can serve as a source of inspiration or information.


pc: India Today

When will this feature be available?

This feature is still in the developing phase, and Instagram is planning to roll it out to select users initially. Later, it will be rolled out for both Android and iOS users via an over-the-air (OTA) update. Instagram has not yet announced the official launch date of this feature.


pc: Business Insider

Is this feature safe?

Instagram says that this feature is safe. It uses AI to suggest people with whom users might want to connect. Users have the option to refuse sending messages to people who do not match their interests. The feature is expected to strengthen Instagram as a social networking platform, attracting new users and retaining existing users. Also, users will get a different experience from Instagram's Message Requests feature which is not yet available on any other social media app.