Are you also fond of mobile trading? So keep these things in mind to avoid fraud!


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The government has issued an alert to the public regarding fraud in the name of mobile trading. If you come across an advertisement promising significant profits with little risk, do not trust it, as it may be a fraudulent scheme. Cyber ​​Dost Handel of the Home Ministry has stressed the need to be cautious in such situations.

A post by Cyber ​​Dost has advised not to fall prey to fake trading apps. Scammers cleverly lure investors by promising high returns and fake profits. In such circumstances, it is important to be alert, take precautions and keep your money safe. Before investing through any trading app, do thorough research on it.

To avoid fraudulent mobile trading apps, here are some checks you should do:

App name and developer: Verify the name of the app and its developer before downloading. Use popular and trusted apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Avoid apps made by unknown or new developers.

App Reviews: Read reviews from other users before downloading an app. Pay attention to negative reviews, especially those related to fraud or scams.

App Permissions: Check the permissions required by the app. Avoid downloading apps that request unnecessary permissions such as access to your contacts or phone location.

App Website: Visit the official website of the app to gather more information. If the website lacks information or doesn't look professional, think twice before downloading the app.

Customer Support: Before downloading the app, contact customer support and check their response. If you don't get a response or the response is poor, avoid using the app

If you become a victim of fraud while trading online, report the incident to Cyber ​​Police by dialling 1930. Additionally, you can lodge a complaint on the Cyber ​​Cell website.