Apple's designer thinks this device is more amazing than the iPhone!


Jony Ive, the creator of Apple's most popular designs, recently revealed that his most favourite thing is probably the Apple Watch. He revealed this while talking about his time with Apple and the products made there in a podcast named 'Life in Seven Songs'. Ive said, 'I am proud of the watch because this is something that I started after Steve (Jobs) left.'


Designed in 2014 and launched the following year, the Apple Watch was the company's first wearable device and was a major product launch after Jobs' death in 2011. Ive, who left Apple in 2019 after spending more than two decades with the company, explained how close the watch is to his heart. "It's one of the most personal products," he said, describing how Apple devices have evolved from desktop computers to things worn on the body.

A different relationship with the watch

Ive explained how Apple products have changed. Earlier they were kept on the table, then in the bag, then in the pocket and now they are worn directly on the wrist. He said that the relationship with wearable technology is special. He said, 'You wear things, a different relationship is formed with them and I always loved watches. That's why this category is very interesting for me.'

Designed many products

While working at Apple, Ive designed many new and great things like the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. His creations were so good that Apple is known as a company that makes easy-to-use and beautifully designed devices. After leaving Apple, Ive started his own design company, LoveFrom. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch became a major source of revenue for the technology giant. In early 2024, the company's wearables division earned $7.9 billion in just three months.