Apple Vision Pro: Veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan finally used Apple Vision Pro!


Apple Vision Pro:  Actor Abhishek Bachchan recently introduced his father and veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan to Apple's new Vision Pro augmented reality glasses. The actor has also shared a picture wearing it on his Instagram handle and has also shared his experience with the users. 


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On Wednesday, May 15, Big B shared a picture of himself wearing the Vision Pro in a stylish blue printed jacket, writing, "Whoaah... Apple Vision Pro... is beyond awesome... wearing this 'baby' and Watching it will never be the same again! Abhishek just introduced me to it and...!!!!!" 

What is Apple Vision Pro? 

Apple has recently introduced Apple Vision Pro. There is a lot of discussion about this device in the market. This is a great combination of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This is such an innovative device that will not only become a companion to your other gadgets but also has the ability to replace them completely. This device runs on VisionOS and gives a different experience to the user. Its price starts from around Rs 3 lakh. Let us tell you about five amazing features of Apple Vision Pro, which prove it to be a game changer. 

1. Better collaboration

Apple Vision Pro works in conjunction with other devices. If you want, you can sync it with your iPhone, MacBook, or other Apple products. Apple Vision Pro is compatible with all devices. This feature increases productivity and allows users to switch between tasks on different Apple platforms.

2. Virtual Display

Users get a bigger screen in Apple Vision Pro. Besides, it gives the user the facility to increase the virtual display to any size. With this, users can get a more immersive and flexible viewing experience. This feature is more beneficial for those who need a large workspace for creative work or multitasking.

3. App Transition

Apple Vision Pro's biggest feature is its compatibility with iPadOS apps. This allows users to transition from their iPad to Vision Pro without losing access to applications. All the apps used on iPad can be accessed on Vision Pro.

4. Operating System

VisionOS, which powers the Apple Vision Pro, is a versatile operating system. This increases the overall performance of the device. VisionOS is designed to support a variety of tasks, providing a smooth interface to users.

5. Replacement of iPads

Apple Vision Pro has the potential to completely replace traditional iPads. Users can now take advantage of Vision Pro's larger virtual display, app transitions, and versatile operating system instead of a smaller screen.