Apple Updates: Why are users being advised not to install iOS 18!


Apple iOS 18:  Recently, Apple launched iOS 18 in its biggest mega event Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2024), which is considered to be the biggest iPhone update ever. This new software includes new features powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with the facility to install apps in different ways and change colors. However, it is important to note some things before installing the developer beta on your iPhone. You should wait for the public beta of iOS 18 to come before updating your iPhone. Let us tell you why you should do this. 


There can be flaws in the beta version.

There can be many problems in the beta version. Your phone can become slow and can also shut down suddenly. So if you want to try it, then put it in some other phone. You may face problems while using it on your primary phone. 

AI features have not arrived yet.

Apple has said that AI features will come after a few weeks. Right now you will only be able to test the new design and changed apps. Although it looks attractive, it is not a part of Apple's entire package. It would be better to wait for AI features right now. 

Beta versions can slow down your phone.

Beta versions can cause apps to crash, your phone to freeze, and your phone speed to slow down. This can affect your daily work. If you don't have any other phone, it's better to wait for a more stable public beta to come out. 

Apple will release several beta versions and then release the final version.

Apple will release several beta versions before the final version, which will have improvements. The public beta coming in the summer this year will be better and more stable. At the same time, the full iOS 18 with AI features is going to come with the new iPhone 16 in September. Till then you should use the current iOS version and wait for iOS 18 with better AI features.