Apple Updates: What happened when the wife saw the messages?


iPhone Lawsuit:  You must have seen divorce cases between husband and wife, but a unique case has come to light from England. A man living here has held smartphone manufacturer and world-famous tech giant company Apple responsible for his divorce and has filed a lawsuit of 6.3 million dollars against it. This is considered to be the most unique divorce case so far. The man says that iPhone manufacturing company Apple is the reason for his expensive divorce. Now the question arises of why is the man feeling like this. What is the reason behind this? Why did the man blame Apple and file a case against it? Let us tell you about it in detail. 


What happened?

According to UK publication The Times, the man says that his wife found his chats (iMessages) with a sex worker on his home's iMac computer. Actually, he was chatting with a sex worker through messages from his iPhone. After chatting, he deleted the chat from his iPhone. But, he forgot that due to Apple's sync service, these chats were present on all other devices with his Apple ID.

What happened when the wife saw the messages?

When his wife found these chats, she filed for divorce. This man says that if Apple had clearly told when deleting iMessages whether these would be deleted from other devices or not, then perhaps his marriage could have been saved. He says "If I had known that these messages would not be deleted from other devices, then I would have been able to talk to my wife and maybe we would not have got divorced."

Therefore, this person holds Apple responsible for his deviation and wants to take legal action against it. He is also thinking of filing a class action suit so that those people can be helped who have faced such a situation due to lack of knowledge of technology.