Apple Update: Difference between iPad Air and iPad Pro models!


Apple Update: Till now Apple's Mac and iPad have been completely different devices. But recently some similarities have been seen, due to which it was being speculated that perhaps Apple is going to bring a MacBook with a touchscreen. But it seems that for now it is just a rumor. A senior Apple official has made it clear that the company still believes that Mac and iPad are devices used in different ways and they will not compete with each other anytime soon.


Will MacBook support touch screen? 

Recently, Tom Boger (Apple's vice president of iPad and Mac product marketing) said that the Mac will not support touchscreens in the near future. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, he said that the iPad was designed for touch from the beginning and that is why touchscreen will not be included in the Mac. He also said that the MacBook is designed to be used indirectly, that is, a mouse and keyboard are used with it. 

He says that the Mac operating system (MacOS) works in a different way. This is Apple's way of saying that you can buy both devices and take advantage of the features of both. MacBook with touchscreen is not a new idea. People have been talking about it for years. Anyway, looking at the prices of today's Macs, it's clear that other than the new M-series chip, other major changes are needed. 

Difference between iPad Air and iPad Pro models 

Let us tell you what is the difference between Apple's new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. Actually, many people have become confused after seeing these two models, because the new iPad Pro is lighter and thinner than the previous iPad Air. So in such a situation the question arises that why has the iPad Pro been named "Air"? Another senior Apple official, Greg Joswiak, recently explained about these changes in an interview. He says that the new iPad Air is now offering Pro features at a lower price. If you do not need OLED display and latest M4 chipset, then this 13 inch iPad Air will be enough for such people.