Apple store is selling smart travel mugs with tracking features for Rs 16542, which can set the temperature of drinking water!


PC: dnaindia

Apple iPhone, AirPods, and iPad are some of the most popular items sold at Apple stores and apart from this, the Cupertino-based tech giant also sells a variety of accessories that go with its devices. Apple is now selling Ember's Temperature Control Travel Mug 2+ on its official online store.

The temperature control smart travel mug was launched earlier this year and recently gained support for the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, allowing users to track the mug's location directly from their device gives. The Smart Travel Mug currently costs $199.95 (Rs 16,542) in the Apple Store.

The Ember Travel Mug 2+ allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature (120°F - 145°F), so you can enjoy your hot beverage on the go. The inbuilt battery maintains your chosen drinking temperature for up to 3 hours or all day with the included charging coaster. You can easily locate your Ember Travel Mug 2+ with the Apple Find My app.

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