Apple Lab Video: Apple said that it subjects at least 10,000 iPhones to various tests before launching any phone!


Apple is very serious about the strength of its iPhones. That is why in the latest iPhone 15 Pro model, the company has used a titanium body to make the phone more durable. Recently, in a conversation with YouTuber MKBHD, the company said that it puts at least 10,000 iPhones through different types of tests before launching any phone. These smartphones are made to work in a variety of conditions, so they have to undergo rigorous durability tests. In these tests, the phone is dropped, scratched, and immersed in water.


Recently, MKBHD shared some videos of his visit to some of Apple's labs in a post on the social media platform X. During this visit, the company showed him how they test the durability of their iPhones. 

How does Apple test iPhone durability?

After manufacturing the iPhones, the company ensures that they are strong and durable. For this, it conducts many types of tests. For example, dropping them repeatedly with the help of machines, keeping them in bright sunlight, subjecting them to light water splashes, and generating strong vibrations.

A YouTuber named MKBHD recently visited Apple's lab. There, the company's engineer John Ternus said that thousands of iPhones (more than 10,000) are tested before they are sold in the market. This shows how serious Apple is about the strength of its phones.

Repairing becomes difficult

John Ternus also said that the company uses special glue and other things to protect the iPhone from water damage. This makes the phone stronger, but it also makes it difficult to repair it. It is not easy to open and repair the phone.