Apple iOS 17.5 Update: Apple has released iOS 17.5 update for iPhone users!


Apple Update: Apple has released the latest iOS 17.5 update for iPhone users this week. Some special features in this update will be for European Union (EU) countries only. Testers have been trying this update for a few weeks, but now it has been officially released for everyone. All eligible iPhone users can download and install this update and use the new features. Many new features have been included in this update, which can be very useful for the users. Let us tell you about these features in detail. 


New features available to iPhone users in iOS 17.5 update

1. Download the app from the website (EU only)

European Union users will now be able to download apps from websites other than the App Store. However, this will not be easy for Apple developers. To get the app downloaded, developers have to follow Apple's rules. 

2. Repair State Mode

Till now, while giving the iPhone for repair, its Find My had to be turned off. But now with the new repair state mode, you can track your phone. After entering your Apple ID and password, this mode will become active and you will be able to know where your phone is. 

3. Apple News+ Offline Mode

Now you will also be able to read content offline on the paid subscription to Apple News+. Additionally, it also includes a new daily word game like Wordle called Quartiles. 

4. Alert of other Bluetooth trackers

This update is an effort by Apple and Google to protect people from devices that track them. With the help of this feature, iPhone users will now get alerts of any unknown tracking device nearby, 

5. How to update your iPhone?

Let us now tell you how you can update your iPhone to iOS 17.5. 

1. First of all go to the settings of your iPhone.

2. After this click on software update.

3. Then a new update will appear on the screen.

4. After this, enter your 6-digit password and allow the installation.

5. After this your iPhone will be updated to iOS 17.5 and restart.