Apple: How will this feature of apple work?


Apple New Feature:  Apple has announced new accessibility features for iOS users who suffer from motion sickness while using their phone or tablet in a moving vehicle. According to the company, this problem usually occurs when there is a difference between what your eyes are seeing and what your body is feeling. To overcome this problem, Apple is introducing a new feature for iPhones and iPads called "Vehicle Motion Cues". It can help in reducing motion sickness of people sitting in a moving vehicle. 


How will this feature work? 

Apple has said that in the Vehicle Motion Cues feature, small dots on the sides of the screen will move as the speed of the vehicle changes. With this, what your eyes are seeing and what your body is feeling will match more and people will be less nervous. The company has also said that this feature can be activated automatically or it can be turned on or off from the control center.

Apart from the Vehicle Motion Cues feature, Apple has also brought many more accessibility features. One of these is the eye-tracking feature. As the name suggests. With this feature, physically disabled users can navigate, scroll, and use functions like pressing buttons and swiping on the screen of an iPhone or iPad with the help of only their eyes.

With the help of the voice shortcut feature in CarPlay, work can be done without using hands. Apart from this, the facility to recognize words of your choice and difficult words, color filters, and voice recognition features are also included. With the help of these features, if the people sitting in the vehicle have hearing loss, they will be able to hear the sounds of horns and sirens.