Android users may soon get a new chat-like message box in Gmail, know the details!


PC: dnaindia

Google may soon bring a new message box that will make it easier for Android users to reply to emails. According to a report by Android Police, Android users will soon be able to see a message box at the bottom of received emails. It will be similar to such instant messaging apps. The report mentions that the text field in the message box expands and moves to the centre of the screen when tapped, maximizing space for text while keeping the original email visible.

Google has not yet commented officially on this feature. This appears to be a limited server-side test from Google. The new message box in testing replaces the Reply, Reply All, and Forward buttons for your emails.



The new message box appears consistently at the bottom of the screen, and you don't need to scroll to the bottom of the email to see it. Like the message writing field in instant messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, one can use the chat-like box to reply to new emails.

To edit the list of recipients, you can use the drop-down on the left in any message box and select Reply All. On the right, you get an Expand button that brings up the full-screen message composition window you may be accustomed to.


PC: LaSexta

The report says that if you are typing a long message or replying in detail then this can prove useful.