Amazon One Service: Make digital payments manually, learn about Amazon's new technology!


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It is said that technology evolves every day. A lot of it changes every day. The era of digital payment is also changing. Initially, there was an era of cash transactions. Then came the medium of debit and credit cards. But the card is not accepted everywhere. Then UPI digital payments brought a true revolution in retail transactions. This revolution gave a boost to the Indian economy. The sting of Indian UPI digital payment (Digital Payment) has now spread from Europe to North East countries. But the technology is not limited to digital payments. Amazon One Service has once again made a digital leap. You can pay instantly without any card or mobile app.

UPI Digital Payment

You must have a smart mobile for UPI digital payment. Digital payments are widely used in the present times. Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Bhim, and many other digital payment apps dominate. All of them use UPI. But Amazon One Service has taken a step forward in digital payment.

What is technology?

Now there is no need for a card or mobile app for digital payment. Amazon has brought the best technology. For this, the customer does not need any credit or debit card. For this, there is no need for UPI or other apps on mobile. Then on what basis can digital payments be made?

Your hand is Jagannath

This technique works depending on your hand. You will be able to make payments only on a manual basis. It started with Whole Foods stores. This technology has already been rolled out to some Amazon Prime members. The Amazon One service will soon roll out to other stores as well. Prime members will also be given special discounts and rebates for this service.

Keep this in mind

To avail of this service, the customer has to register on Amazon One Kiosk. For registration, you need to keep the debit card in the terminal. You have to keep your hand on the reader. After this, you have to give the mobile number. This will complete the registration. The Amazon One service can be used after registration is complete.

Why hand?

You might be wondering why Amazon has chosen Hand for this service. Your hand is as unique as your fingerprint. He is alone in the world. Like fingerprints, every person's paw is also different. Cloning of hands cannot be done quickly.

What about security?

The Amazon One service prioritizes customer privacy and security. This customer data is not shared with any third-party company, or service provider. The data is shared following a government order. Users' biometric data is stored in the AWS cloud itself. So he stays safe.