Air Conditioner Blast: Which electric machines can explode in summer? Use them with caution


Due to heat, the use of AC, fridge and inverter has increased. Due to lack of maintenance of these gadgets, they can blast anytime. Recently, many news of blast in air conditioners have come to light, in which the entire house caught fire due to the blast.

The heat has reached its peak, the temperature in the country's capital Delhi has reached 53 degrees Celsius. In this scorching heat, air conditioners and refrigerators have also started failing. Also, recently there have been reports of blasts of electronic gadgets from many places.

On May 30, a running air conditioner exploded in a society in Sector 100 of Noida. Due to the blast of the AC, many flats of this society caught fire. If you are also using electric gadgets in this scorching heat, then here we are telling you which gadgets can explode.

Air conditioner

If any electronic gadget is used the most in summer season, then it is the air conditioner. The blast in the air conditioner happens due to lack of maintenance, many people do not get the AC serviced for years. Due to this, the air conditioner blasts.

Laptops and mobile phones

Batteries are used in laptops and mobile phones. Many times, due to technical mistakes, the battery of laptop and mobile starts overheating. When we do not pay attention to it, it can explode. Many news have come out in which the mobile phone exploded in the user's hand.

Inverters and batteries

Very few cases of blast in inverter battery have been reported, but if there is a blast in the inverter battery, it causes great damage. Blast in the inverter battery occurs due to lack of maintenance. Also, many times due to high voltage, the inverter battery also blasts.

Blast in the fridge

Whenever there is a blast in the fridge, there is a problem in its compressor. If the compressor of your fridge is having problems and the fridge is not cooling properly, then you should get your fridge checked by a mechanic. Also, if there is any problem in it, get it repaired immediately. Otherwise, your fridge can blast anytime.