AI models like ChatGPT will be created in a few minutes! Just follow these steps!


ChatGPT Plus 

To create a GPT app like ChatGPT, log in to your ChatGPT Plus account, then go to the Explore section, here you will see all the GPT apps, go to Create My GPT and start creating your AI model. When the GPT Builder new screen opens, fill in the details of what kind of GPT model you want. If you want, you will also have to tell the functions of this model. Tell your requirements.

ChatGPT will allow you to refine the query, it can also ask you some follow-up questions, it can ask questions, this will help in creating the best GPT version, after the GPT model is created, it will appear on the right side of the screen for testing. You can make changes as per your wish, and can also add images etc. to get better results. Make changes and save it with the 'Save' option. After confirming, GPT can start working. Please note that ChatGPT Plus is a paid service.