After all, why is the shape of DTH's antenna round? Click here to know


We all spend our time watching shows etc through television. The world of TV has changed a lot in the last decade. Earlier people used to watch Doordarshan in villages through a long antenna. After this DTH came and now you will get DTH in every house. Along with this, gradually many TV channels took their entry into the homes of India.


The antenna of DTH or Dish TV is very different as compared to the previous antenna. It is made using a round umbrella. Seeing this, the question often comes to our mind that why the shape of this umbrella is round? That is why today we are going to give you information about this.

Why the shape of the umbrella is round?

According to media reports, the construction of the umbrella is deliberately done in this way. There is a reason behind this. Actually, whenever a ray of light hits the dish, it does not convert and go straight back, so it is designed in this way. When such signals also hit the umbrella, the feed is focused on the horn. And then as a result of this incident, channels run on TV.


Why use a set-top box?

There is also a question that why the set-top box is used? Basically, the function of the 'set-top box' is to receive information from a satellite. Meaning that when the feed horn signals reach the set-top box, they are decoded. This decoded information is viewed through TV.