After all, how dangerous is the AI Clone Voice Scam? Know here how you can avoid the danger!


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As technology is progressing, the danger to people is also increasing. Nowadays scammers easily cheat people by editing someone's voice, video or photo, but you have to prepare yourself to avoid such financial frauds.

Cyber ​​security experts have issued an advisory amid reports of fraud being committed on both youth and the elderly through Artificial Intelligence. According to experts, it is important to change our mindset to deal with these challenges.

According to a BBC report, CloudSEEK CEO Rahul Shashi says that you cannot trust every person or everything. You have to mould yourself into a person who doubts everything.


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Rahul Shashi says that you cannot trust everything and everyone. It is important to change your thinking. This fraud is happening not only with uneducated people but also with educated people. To avoid this danger, we need to prepare ourselves well.

Experts suggest that in such cases, the person receiving the call or message should not trust it blindly. At present the technology of making deep fakes is available. However, there is no technology to deal with this.


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Cyberlaw teacher Navi Vijayashankar says that social media is like a treasure trove for most fraudsters. From here they can copy voices, videos and pictures and then misuse them.