AC Vs Cooler: Know The Difference Between 1-ton air conditioner!


AC Vs Cooler:  1-ton air conditioner and cooler, both these devices are usually present in any house, but the question arises of which of the two consume the most electricity. This question always remains in people's minds. If you also have both devices in your house and you are not able to understand which of the two devices can save electricity, then today we are going to tell you in detail. 


To be honest, it is difficult to say which device consumes more power between a 1-ton AC and a DESI cooler as it depends on many factors such as:

1. Time of use:

If you use the AC for only a few hours, it can consume less power compared to a Desi cooler, which can remain on for the entire day.

2. Room temperature:

If the room is too hot, the AC will have to use more energy to cool it, which will increase power consumption. Desi coolers are more effective in lower temperatures.

3. Size of the room:

AC will have to use more energy to cool a larger room, while Desi coolers are suitable for smaller rooms.

4. Star rating of the AC:

ACs with higher star ratings consume less power, while ACs with lower star ratings consume more power.

5. Type of Desi Cooler:

Desi coolers with wooden fans consume less power as compared to coolers with electric fans.

Some common heuristics:

A 1-ton AC can consume 1 unit (kWh) to 1.5 units of electricity per hour.

Desi coolers can consume 0.2 units to 0.5 units of electricity per hour.


If you want to save electricity, you should choose AC or Desi Cooler according to your needs. If you want to cool for a short time or live in a small room, Desi Cooler can be a good option. If you need to stay cool all day or live in a large room, you should choose AC with a higher star rating.

Also keep in mind:

Both ACs and Desi coolers have their advantages and disadvantages. ACs cool the room more effectively, but they are more expensive and consume more electricity. Desi coolers are less expensive and consume less electricity, but they are not as effective.

You can also use other methods to keep your home cool by using fans, curtains, and shade, which will help you save electricity.