AC: Tips for running AC in 50 degree temperature!


Air Conditioner:  Summer season is going on in the whole country right now and to avoid the heat, most people use air conditioners (AC). AC is considered to be the most effective way to avoid the heat because it blows cold air and cools the room in a few minutes. At this time, the temperature has reached 50 degrees Celsius in many places in India. People are so troubled by the scorching heat that people are even hesitant to leave their homes. 


In such a situation, the question arises that how well do air conditioners (ACs) work in such heat. AC companies tell that their AC can cool any hot room. Nowadays the heat is so intense that it has to be seen whether ACs can actually bear such heat or not. Let us understand how ACs work and how well they can perform in such heat. 

How do ACs reduce heat?

AC throws the hot air out of the room, thereby cooling the room. Gas is circulated between the inside and outside unit through a pipe. This gas absorbs the heat and throws it out. The capacity of AC is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit). For example, a 1.5 ton AC has about 18,000 BTU. If the outside temperature exceeds the capacity of the AC, then the AC has to work hard to cool the room. There is more load on the AC and this can also cause the AC to break down quickly.

Old AC VS New AC

You will be surprised to know that old ACs had more cooling capacity. Old ACs had heavy compressors and they focused more on cooling rather than energy efficiency. That is why those ACs used to blow colder air. But, the ACs that come nowadays are energy efficient i.e. they save electricity. To save electricity, ACs consume less electricity, due to which they are not able to work as well in extreme heat. 

Can AC withstand 50 degree heat?

Today's ACs are made to run in temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius. But, in reality, even if the outside temperature is low, there can be a lot of heat around the AC. Therefore, AC can run in a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, but its performance will not be that good. The AC will not cool the room well and the electricity bill may also be high. 

Tips for running AC in 50 degree temperature

1. AC Temperature

Keep in mind that the temperature of the AC should not be less than 24 degrees. Keeping the temperature of the AC 25 degrees lower than the outside temperature will consume less electricity and will also put less strain on the AC.

2. Run the fan: 

Using the fan will spread the cool air from the AC all around, which can increase the temperature of the AC slightly. 

3. Regular service 

It is very important to do regular service of AC. It is necessary to get the AC cleaned and gas filled twice a year. This keeps the performance of the AC good.