AC Tips: Do not make these 5 mistakes while running AC, it will be a burden on your pocket!


Do not make these 5 mistakes while running AC, it will be a burden on your pocket.


Mistakes to Avoid While Using AC: Most people use air conditioners (AC) during summer. it is common. But, some people do not have proper knowledge of operating an AC, hence they make some mistakes due to which they do not get the coolness and the electricity bill also skyrockets. In such a situation, people suffer huge losses. Today we are going to tell you 5 such tips that you should not do while using AC. 

Do not block air vents

Many times we place furniture or curtains in front of the AC. Due to this, cold air is not able to reach the room and the AC has to run longer. Therefore, keep in mind that the air passages should always be open. Make sure that you do not keep anything in front of the AC vent that blocks the air. 

Do not run AC at very low temperatures

Some people think that the lower the temperature of the AC, the quicker the room will cool down. but it's not like that. This will only increase the electricity bill and will also put more stress on the AC. It is best to keep the room temperature between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.

keep the filter clean


The filter of the AC works to clean the air. But with time it gets filled with dust. Due to this, cold air does not reach the room properly and the AC has to work harder. Therefore, clean the filter every 1-3 months.

keep doors and windows closed

If doors and windows remain open, cold air will go out and hot air will come in. This will make it difficult for the AC to maintain the room temperature. Therefore, while running the AC, keep the doors and windows closed so that the room remains cool. 

Install the right size AC

If your AC is too big for the room, it will cool the room very quickly but will not be able to dry the moisture in the air. At the same time, if the AC is small, it will take time to cool the room. Therefore always get the right size AC installed. For this, you can take advice from a good expert.