AC: Know Advantages of dry mode!

AC Settings:  If there is excessive humidity in your city during the summer season, then you can easily get rid of it by using a special setting of the AC. 


AC Settings:  Dry mode is a special feature in the air conditioner (AC) which keeps the room cooler and drier by removing excess humidity from the room. This is especially useful in areas where the level of humidity in the air is high, such as during the rainy season.


How Dry Mode Works:

Reduces room temperature: In dry mode, the cooling coil of the AC reduces the room temperature slightly.

Cold air absorbs moisture: When warm and humid air hits the cold coil, the water vapor present in it condenses and turns into water droplets.

Water disposal: This water collects inside the AC and flows out through a pipe.

Lower Humidity: This process reduces the humidity level in the room, making the air feel cool and pleasant.

Advantages of dry mode:

Keeps the room cool and dry: It is ideal for those who suffer from humid heat.

Relief from allergies: Excess humidity can cause respiratory problems like allergies and asthma. Dry mode helps in relieving these problems by reducing moisture.

Prevents Mold and Mildew: Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow on walls and ceilings. Dry mode helps prevent these problems by reducing moisture.

Dry clothes quickly: Dry mode helps in even drying the room, thereby drying clothes quickly.

When to use dry mode:

When the humidity level in the air is high: You can check the humidity level in the air by using a hygrometer. If the humidity level is more than 60%, you can use the dry mode.

When you are troubled by humid heat: If you are troubled by humid heat, dry mode can make the room cool and pleasant.

During the rainy season: During the rainy season, the moisture level in the air is high, so using dry mode can be beneficial in this season.

Pay attention:

Dry mode does not cool the room: it just removes excess moisture from the room.

This does not happen in all ACs: Dry mode does not happen in all ACs. To know whether your AC has dry mode or not, you have to look at its manual.

It can increase power consumption: Dry mode forces the AC to work a little harder, which can increase power consumption.