AC: Know about split and window AC!


AC Types:  If you want to install an air conditioner (AC) to escape the heat and you are having trouble understanding which option between Split AC and Window AC will be better for you, then today we will give you some points. We are going to explain this so that you can understand which option is better according to the needs of your house. 


Split AC:

Design: Comes in two units: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. 

Cooling Capacity: More powerful than Window AC and can cool larger rooms.

Energy Efficiency: More energy efficient than Window AC.

Noise Level: Less noisy than Window AC.

Installation: More complicated and expensive installation.

Price: More expensive than Window AC.

Window AC:

Design: Comes in a single unit that fits in the window.

Cooling Capacity: Less powerful than Split AC and can cool smaller rooms.

Energy Efficiency: Less energy efficient than Split AC.

Noise Level: Noisier than Split AC.

Installation: Easy and cost-effective installation.

Price: Less expensive than Split AC.

While choosing between Split AC and Window AC, it is important to pay attention to these important things:

Room Size: Split AC is better for larger rooms, while Window AC is better for smaller rooms.

Budget: Split AC is more expensive than Window AC.

Energy Efficiency: Split AC is more energy efficient than Window AC.

Noise Level: Split AC makes less noise than Window AC.

Installation: Installation of Split AC is more complex and expensive than Window AC.

Which option will be best to buy during summer:

It depends on your room size, budget, energy efficiency, noise level, and convenience of installation.

Here are some general guidelines:

Large Rooms (More Than 150 Sq. Feet): Split AC

Small Rooms (Less Than 150 Sq. Feet): Window AC

Low Budget: Window AC

Energy Efficiency: Split AC

Low Noise: Split AC

Easy Installation: Window AC

Here are some additional comments:

If you have a large room and want energy efficiency and low noise, Split AC is a good option.

If you have a small room and are on a low budget, Window AC is a good option.

You can also buy Inverter ACs which are more energy efficient.

Before buying an AC, compare different brands and models and choose the best AC for your needs.

Hopefully, this information will be useful for you.