AC Boosting Tips: Follow these tips to increase your ac cooling tips!


AC Boosting:  Old air conditioners usually do not cool well. This problem occurs with most air conditioners. In such a situation, people either get upset or they buy a new air conditioner which costs a lot of money. If you also have an old air conditioner that does not cool well, then today we are going to tell you how you can increase its cooling.   


1. Many people believe that if they keep their AC at a lower temperature, then their AC gives faster and better cooling. Let us tell you that this is not true and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) says that you will get the best cooling from your AC when you set it at 24 degrees.

2. When you buy a new AC, it is often told that the AC does not require servicing for years. Let us tell you that this is a rumor and you should get your AC serviced from time to time. This makes the AC cool better, last longer, and also saves electricity.

3. We do not keep the AC on for a long time because it increases the electricity bill rapidly. If you want a cheap electricity bill even after running the AC, then for this you have to do one thing first. If you clean the filter of your AC every two weeks, then it will also affect your electricity bill.

4. If you want your AC to not break down quickly and last longer, then after installing the AC, try not to keep its rear part in a place where there is direct sunlight.

5. If you want to improve the cooling of AC in your room, then pay attention to this trick. When you turn on the AC in your room, turn on the fan as well and run it on low or medium speed. This will cool your room more quickly.