AC Blast: Recently a fire broke out in a posh high-rise society in Noida due to the explosion of a split AC unit


AC Blast:  Earlier this week, a case of a massive fire broke out in a flat of a posh high-rise society in Noida. The fire was so intense that the onlookers were stunned. According to the information, this fire broke out due to an explosion in the split air conditioner (split AC) unit installed in the house. It is a matter of relief that no one died in this fire incident. Due to the fire safety system, this fire did not spread much and was confined to one room of the flat. This information has been given by the Chief of the Fire Department, Pradeep Kumar Choubey. 


What did the chief of the fire department say 

Chaubey said, "The outside temperature is around 50 degrees Celsius, which is leading to more use of air conditioners and increased demand for electricity. I would like to request people not to use their ACs all day." The fire department chief also said that it is important that you get your AC serviced regularly and do not put an extra load on it. He said that many incidents of fire in the city this summer season are related to ACs.

Other reasons for blasts in air conditioners 

1. Electricity related problems:

High Voltage: If there is a sudden fluctuation or very high voltage in the power supply, it may damage the electrical components of the AC, leading to a blast.

Short Circuit: Loose connections, frayed wires, or damaged circuit boards can cause a short circuit, which may cause a spark or fire, and possibly an explosion.

Faulty Grounding: If the AC is not properly grounded, an electrical shock may occur, causing a fire and explosion.

2. Gas related problems:

Refrigerant gas leak: If the refrigerant gas leaks in the AC, and gets mixed in the air, it may be flammable and may explode if exposed to a spark or heat.

Excessive refrigerant gas: If the amount of refrigerant gas in the AC increases, it may increase the pressure on the compressor, which may cause an explosion.

3. Mechanical problems:

Compressor failure: The compressor is the most important part of the AC, and if it malfunctions, it may overheat and cause an explosion.

Fan failure: If the AC fan failure occurs, it may obstruct the flow of air, causing the compressor to overheat and explode.

Contaminated Filters: If the AC filters become dirty or clogged, it may reduce the airflow, which may cause the compressor to overheat and explode.

4. Reduced maintenance:

Lack of regular servicing: AC requires regular servicing and maintenance to work properly. If the AC is not serviced, it can lead to many problems, including explosion.

Old parts: If the parts of the AC are old and worn out, they must be replaced. Old parts can get damaged and cause an explosion.