AC Best Temperature: If you run the AC at 16 degrees, be careful, know what temperature is best for the air conditioner


AC Best Temperature: Many people run air conditioners at 16 degrees Celsius to get immediate relief from the heat. But do you know that doing this for a long time can harm you? Let us know why AC should not be run at 16 degrees temperature, and what is the best temperature of AC.

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It is common to use air conditioners (AC) to get relief from heat. But excessive use of anything can cause danger. The same is the case with AC. AC provides coolness, so people run AC to get relief from heat. Many people run AC at very low temperatures. If you run AC at 16 degrees Celsius, then be careful, because it can have a bad effect on your health.

AC should be used responsibly. Running the AC at a very low temperature like 16 degrees may give you coolness, but it will also have a bad effect on your health. That's why everyone knows about the best temperature of the air conditioner. Its biggest advantage is that at the right temperature, along with coolness, health remains good, and electricity is also saved.

Many people run the AC at a temperature of 16 degrees to get more cooling. This is not good for your health at all. If you want to keep yourself and your family's health right, then it is better to give up the habit of running the AC at 16 degrees.

Disadvantages of running AC at 16 degrees

Running AC at 16 degrees can have many disadvantages. The low temperature of AC invites problems like colds and allergies, headaches and muscle pain, dry skin, and joint pain. Apart from this, due to low temperatures, moisture is removed from the air, and dryness comes into the air. Keeping the AC at 16 degrees temperature for a long time increases the risk of damage to health.

The best temperature for AC

According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the air conditioner should be run at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. This temperature provides you with the right cooling and is also safe for your health. Therefore, it would be better to run at 24 degrees Celsius instead of 16 degrees. BEE has set the default temperature for AC as 24 degrees.

24 degrees the temperature will reduce the electricity bill

24 degrees Celsius not only keeps the house cool but also reduces the electricity bill. According to the study, up to 6 percent of electricity can be saved by increasing the temperature of AC by one degree. If you run the air conditioner at 24 degrees instead of 16 degrees, then up to 48 percent of electricity can be saved. This simply means that running it at a higher temperature will reduce the electricity bill.