A new feature of WhatsApp, users can get the facility to make international payments!


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A recent report said that the Meta-owned messaging service WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to make international payments through UPI (Unified Payments Interface). This means that users will be able to make international payments through WhatsApp's Integrated Payment Interface, i.e. UPI. This upcoming feature of WhatsApp has been revealed on Twitter by a tipster named AssembleDebug.

Will WhatsApp support international payments?

WhatsApp's international payments service will enable users with Indian bank accounts to transfer funds and conduct transactions at select international merchants. However, this service will only work in countries where banks have accepted international UPI and its services are operational.

Looking at the screenshot shared by the tipster, it seems that the international payments feature will require manual activation. Users may need to specify the period for which they wish to activate the International Payment Service.


Competition for Google Pay and PhonePe

It is noteworthy that companies like Google Pay and PhonePe, along with many other UPI payment service providers in India, already offer this facility to their users. However, it should be clarified that we have not received information about such a feature from any official WhatsApp website or WhatsApp-related source. This information has been given by a tipster only. Therefore, if this news is confirmed then WhatsApp can give official information about this new feature in the future.

It is noteworthy that WhatsApp started in-app UPI payments for Indian users in November 2020. It is now believed that WhatsApp is preparing to launch its international payment service, although this has not been confirmed yet. However, if this information is true, then WhatsApp may soon release a beta version of this feature, so that select beta users will be able to use it and if everything goes well, then the company can roll out this feature for all users.