A lot of money came into the account of these Google Pay users, but why? Learn!


People's trend toward online transactions is increasing rapidly. Financial transactions can be done with just one click from a smartphone. In view of the preference for online transactions, various companies have made mobile apps available. With the help of these apps, you can do things like shopping, paying bills, exchanging money, etc. The number of users using Google's GPay app for online transactions is huge. But GP has recently given a pleasant shock to some users.

It has come to the fore that $1,072 i.e. around Rs 88,000 in Indian currency has been deposited in the Google Pay account of some Red It users. What must be the reason behind the sudden accumulation of wealth? It's still unclear. Let us know in detail what all these types are.


Many Red It users have suddenly received the money in their Google Pay account. USD 1,072 i.e. around Rs 88,000 has been deposited in some accounts. So far it is not clear how much money has been deposited in the Google Pay account of the users. Some have a small amount in their account while others have more than 1000 USD in their account.

It is also not clear why Google suddenly raised so much money. Also, it is not known whether this problem is limited to Google Pixel users or whether other Android devices have also accumulated the same amount. If you're one of the lucky Pixel users who has deposited money on a Google Pay account, it's unclear whether to keep this amount or what to do with that amount. According to Google regarding this issue, if you are not able to refund the payment, then you can keep the amount.

In this regard, Google has informed the users who received the money in this way that the users who have received the money in this way should try to refund the payment. But if the payment is non-refundable then they can keep the amount deposited in a Google Pay account.


Meanwhile, users on the Google Pixel sub-Reddit have been told that this is Google's sort of 'dog feeding'. Dogfooding occurs when employees of a company test a new feature or feature before making it available to the public. It appears that instead of sending money to its employees for testing, Google mistakenly credited some random users' accounts. So it appears that this problem has occurred.

In such a situation, as soon as some users realized that the amount has been deposited in their Google Pay account, they also contacted Google through email. Overall, some users have been shocked by the amount suddenly credited to their Google Pay account, and the reason for how exactly this happened is still a mystery.