A bigger display is not necessarily better! Know how to buy the best display smartphone

A bigger display is not necessarily better! Know how to buy the best display smartphone

Smartphone Buying Tips: Smartphones with large displays are being offered by smartphone companies as the best display phones. Such a trend has been set that bigger displays are best. But it is not at all that if the size of the display of the smartphone is big, then it will be good! For a good display, many things are necessary for the phone. In such a situation, if you watch movies, Ototi apps like Netflix, Prime Video on the smartphone, then you should always buy a smartphone with a good display. Not only will you get good visuals from this, but you will also get a good experience in gaming. Let us know how to identify the smartphone with the best display-

What are the types of displays?

For any smartphone with a good display, it is necessary that what type of display has been used in the phone. At present, IPS, LCD, OLED, and Super AMOLED displays are used in the phone. Now the question arises that which display is better to buy.


IPS LCD means In-Plane Switching Display. This display offers good colors and HD content and amazing viewing angles. This display consumes less battery. Although this display is a bit thick and expensive compared to the rest of the display.


TFT LCD means Thin Film Transistor Display. This display was used in old smartphones. These are very cheap displays. TFT display is available in 4 to 5 rupees display. It doesn't give a good experience. It consumes more battery. Also, it breaks down quickly.

Retina Display

Retina display is used in iPhone. This display causes the least damage to the eyes. It has great pixel density and good colors. Although these displays are quite expensive.


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode Display. It gets more brightness, great viewing angle. This display consumes very less battery, which increases the battery life of the phone. Also, their response time is good. However, its cost is high and gets spoiled quickly when waterfalls.

AMOLED Display

AMOLED display The advanced display OLED display is available. In this, the pixels are connected. It offers long battery life with great viewing angles, rich colors, sharp images. Amoled display is considered to be much better than TFF, LCD, and OLED display.


The Super AMOLED display is an advanced version of the AMOLED display itself. In this, you get great picture quality, rich color, sharp images with very little battery consumption. Also, it is very good to access it in the sun. But it is quite expensive. Also, an amazing contrast ratio and response time are available.


Brightness should always be taken care of in the display of the smartphone. Brightness is measured in nits. Generally, a display with 400nits peak brightness is considered better. If the peak brightness of the phone is low, then the experience of watching movies and shows will not be much better.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate is essential for the smoothness of any smartphone. Often the problem of hanging occurs in the display with a low refresh rate. Also, low refresh rate displays stop during gaming. At present, smartphones come in 60Hz 90Hz, 120Hz refresh rate.

Touch Sampling Rate

How fast any smartphone responds to touch depends on the touch sampling rate. In such a situation, one should always buy a display with a higher-touch sampling rate.