A big feature is coming in WhatsApp, from this app you will be able to send messages to other apps!


pc: amarujala

In recent months, Meta has introduced a number of features for WhatsApp, ranging from privacy to user-friendly features. Recently WhatsApp has introduced a chat lock feature for the web version. Additionally, WhatsApp is working on a privacy feature that will prevent others from taking screenshots of your profile photo.

Support for third-party apps

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on allowing users to send messages on other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. The new feature is currently being tested. Since its launch, WhatsApp has not included third parties or cross-messaging.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is rolling out a new update, likely version After this update, it is expected that WhatsApp will support third-party messaging. The introduction of such a facility is in line with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). It seems that WhatsApp is taking this matter seriously and has suggested that a separate chat screen will be provided within WhatsApp to chat on third-party apps. However, profiles of users using third-party apps will not be visible on WhatsApp.