Xiaomi's 10-minute charging phone will be launched soon!


A lot of work has happened in the past few years in smartphone charging technology. As a result of this, at present, there are smartphones in the market that support charging up to 165 W. Now Chinese giant Xiaomi is preparing to make a big explosion in smartphone charging technology. 

According to leaked reports, Xiaomi is going to launch a new smartphone very soon, which will come with 200W HyperCharge technology. The special thing is that Xiaomi's 200 W charger has also recently been certified by China's certification authority 3C.

The model number of Xiaomi's 200 W charger is MDY-13-EU. According to the 3C certification, this charger from Xiaomi will support 20V/10A (200W) charging.


It is being claimed that 200W HyperCharge technology will fully charge the phone's battery in less than 10 minutes. Earlier this year, a glimpse of its 200W charging technology was also shown.