Xiaomi sold more than 100 million phones in 3 years


Xiaomi, which came into the world of smartphones about eight years ago, has achieved tremendous success in India. In 2019, the company announced that it had sold 100 million smartphones in five years. At the Redmi 50i launch event, the company announced that it has sold 200 million smartphones in India so far. 

This is a big success for the tech giant and interestingly, it took the company 5 years to sell the first 100 million phones in the country, but the next 100 million phones were sold by the company in just 3 years.

Xiaomi also revealed that it released 15 5G smartphones last year. Although 5G connectivity is yet to roll out in India, the release of 5G smartphones in the Indian market is a dress rehearsal toward a full rollout of 5G connectivity. The company expects that after the introduction of 5G, its sales will increase more rapidly.

According to reports, Xiaomi became the world's number 1 smartphone brand for the first time in June last year. Xiaomi sold the most smartphones in June. In terms of smartphone sales, Xiaomi has also left behind Samsung and Apple. According to the report, Xiaomi has been at the forefront of the global smartphone market in June 2021. 

The secret to Xiaomi's success is the affordable price and good build quality of the phone. It is the number 1 smartphone vendor for the last five quarters. 

Xiaomi India recently announced a leadership reshuffle that promoted the company's Chief Operating Officer Muralikrishnan B as the chairman with effect from August 1, 2022. It is expected that this alteration will lead to an increase in cell volume.