Whatsapp New Feature: Now you will be able to book cabs with WhatsApp, know what is the way


Now you are also going to get the facility to book a cab on the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Yes, you can now book Uber rides on WhatsApp. Cab company Uber is soon going to release this new option for WhatsApp. Uber is going to launch this new cab booking service for Delhi-NCR only in the first week of August.


Let us tell you that this feature was first tested in the city of Lucknow in December last year. If this experiment is successful, you will no longer need to download the Uber app separately. You will be able to book cabs using WhatsApp only.

According to Uber, users who book cabs through WhatsApp will be provided with the same security as those available for booking rides directly on the Uber app. Even after booking a cab through WhatsApp, information such as the name of the driver and license plate will be sent to the users. Also, the information about the pickup point can be sent to the driver based on the location. Whereas even while talking to the driver, the identity of the users will be kept confidential, that is, the driver will not be able to see the WhatsApp number of the users.


How to Ride Uber
-First of all, you have to message by writing 'Hi' to the number +91 7292000002 on your WhatsApp.

-After this, you will be asked about the pickup and drop location in the chatbot.

-After providing the location information, you will get the ride information, which will show the fare and the expected arrival time of the driver.

-Once you do your OK, you will get the driver information and OTP. You will be able to start the ride by giving OTP to the driver.