WhatsApp is testing Companion Mode and will be able to login to the new device without OTP


WhatsApp is working on a new companion mode that has been seen in the Android beta version. In this, users will be able to access one account on another smartphone or tablet. However, once you log in to the second device, your account will be automatically logged out from the first device.

 The latest beta update suggests that WhatsApp is working on a new feature, Companion Mode. This may make it easier for users to log in to a different phone. It is being told that this is an extension of the multi-device feature, which was added to the platform a few months ago. However, this will be completely different from the multi-device feature. WaBetaInfo has noticed a new feature in Android beta version of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Companion Mode?

A report by WaBetaInfo has shared a screenshot of this feature, which shows that WhatsApp may soon introduce a companion mode. This will allow users to link their WhatsApp account with another smartphone. Although WaBetaInfo claims that this mode is related to the multi-device feature, it is not. This screenshot shows that the user will not be able to use the messaging app on both phones as WhatsApp will log you out of the primary device after successfully logging into the other phone.

Why is this feature different from the multi-device feature?

The new report states that WhatsApp will remove all data from the primary device as well. Those who back up chats and media to third-party services like Google Drive or iCloud will be able to access all the chats on the other phone. So, how is the new feature different from this? One of the previous reports suggests that WhatsApp is trying to make it easier for people to access chats on a different phone. An earlier report by WaBetaInfo suggested that you can scan the QR code to log into another phone without having to enter the phone number and then wait for an OTP. However, the report also states that this feature is still under development. It may be updated before the final release.

What is a multi-device facility?

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to link an account with up to four devices at a time. For example, users can access their WhatsApp messages on their laptops as well as their work PCs without a phone. Users only need a smartphone when they need to connect WhatsApp to any other device. This is done by just scanning the QR code using their smartphone. Once you have access to your WhatsApp account, you will be able to use the messaging app even when your primary phone is switched off. This is a great feature because sometimes your phone's battery runs out, even then you can use your WhatsApp on the laptop.