WhatsApp is bringing a multi-device support feature, will be able to log in to multiple smartphones from one account


WhatsApp has brought a multi-device support feature for its users. This is a paid feature. In this, users can add more than one account with the smartphone. It is being offered especially for WhatsApp business users.

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features to its users. This time around, WhatsApp has brought a multi-device support feature, which allows users to connect up to four devices with a single account. Messaging app WhatsApp has now been spotted testing a paid feature that lets users add more devices to the same account. Let us know that WhatsApp allows users to pair tablets, computers, and laptops. WhatsApp allows you to pair only one smartphone at a time. It does not even require a phone with internet.

WhatsApp subscription plan

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is working on a new subscription plan, this feature is being made especially for WhatsApp business users. It's bringing a whole new interface to the LinkedIn Devices section. In this new WhatsApp interface, you can combine multi-devices in one account so that different people in the business can talk to customers in the same chat.

Multi-device login feature

The multi-device feature allows users to access up to four devices at the same time. In beta mode, people can log into the desktop version of WhatsApp without the need for a primary phone with an active internet connection. WhatsApp had previously revealed that ever since it rolled out the beta version of the multi-device feature, There has been an increase in users "accessing the feature directly through a web browser." Wabetainfo reports that the membership plan is reserved for WhatsApp Business accounts and gives businesses more features. For example, users now max out at one go. Up to four devices can be added, but with the new subscription plan, you will be able to link up to 10 devices. Although this feature is not available for free, you will have to pay for it.