WhatsApp Tips: If you do not take care of these 3 things then WhatsApp will send you to jail, Know about them....


WhatsApp has become a major way to stay connected with family and friends. Users can not only chat by sending messages but can also share photos, videos and audio files with each other. That's why its scope has now increased a lot. Now WhatsApp is used for professional work to study. However, it is very important to use it in the right way, because a small mistake can take you to the bars of jail. That's why we will tell you what things should not be done while running WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging platforms in the world. More than 2 billion users run WhatsApp worldwide. From big companies, schools, and hospitals to government departments, WhatsApp is used. That's why the scale of its reach has increased a lot. A photo or video once shared goes viral instantly. That's why WhatsApp should be used with utmost care. Here we are telling you 3 such things, which should not be done on WhatsApp even by mistake.

Don't share wrong and fake news
Nowadays WhatsApp has become one of the biggest means of spreading fake news. However, WhatsApp has made a very strict policy to stop fake news. At the same time, the government also takes strict action on the complaint of fake news. If you receive any message or media file, do not forward it without checking. By doing this you can get into trouble. You can be jailed for spreading wrong and fake news.

Don't share things that spread hatred in the society
It is a big crime to share content that spreads discrimination among people in the name of religion, caste, community etc. If any such message comes to you, which hurts the peace system of the society or spreads discrimination, then it should be deleted immediately. Do not forward such messages or photo videos even by mistake. If you did this, then jail is waiting for you.


Don't share porn files
Sharing porn i.e. obscene material on WhatsApp can be heavy. Police take strict action, especially regarding child pornography. That's why don't share obscene photos and videos on WhatsApp at all. If someone sends porn content to you, then delete it. Apart from this, jail can also be imposed for hacking WhatsApp accounts, threatening someone on WhatsApp, creating fake WhatsApp accounts or cheating.