WhatsApp Feature: Bad news for those who call on WhatsApp, free facility may be closed, Know more...


There is bad news for those who make calls with the help of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Soon this free facility may be closed and money may have to be paid for it. Currently, users are getting the facility of free voice and video calling by spending their internet.


The Department of Telecommunications, Government of India is going to regulate Internet based calls. For this, the department has sought its views from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). After the approval of TRAI, people may also have to pay for internet based calls. In 2008, TRAI had returned a similar proposal.

Telecom companies are demanding similar rules for the same service
In fact, telecom companies are requesting the government that there should be equal status for all on the basis of "same service, same rules". They are urging the government to charge the same license fee and follow the same regulatory and service quality requirements for the service. Earlier TRAI had argued against the need for regulation of apps and services offering internet telephony and internet messaging. However, the DoT rejected the suggestions and asked for more clarifications.


Official announcement has not been made
DoT had last week requested TRAI for additional suggestions in view of the new technology coming into the market. According to the report, TRAI suggested that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may offer Internet telephony for making calls over the phone network in lieu of payment of interconnection charges. The government's proposals to regulate internet telephony and messaging service providers such as WhatsApp, Google Meet and Signal are yet to be officially announced.