Utility: Transfer money from UPI to a bank account in a jiffy, use this easy trick!


After Corona, the trend of online payment has increased in many places. But Google Pay or Phone Pay is still not used in many places. It is very easy to say to do online NEFT or bank transfer. Now it actually works in a few seconds but today we are going to tell you the trick to do it properly.

If you have Google Pay, you can do NEFT or Bank Transfers through it. You need to login to Google Pay. Then enter your password.


There you get an option named Bank Transfer. Click on it and select the confirm option to upload all the things like account number, IFSC code, and name on the receipt. If you have previously transferred money to the bank account, you will also see the history.

If you want to make a phone to a bank transfer, you have to log in first. There are two options one is the bank or UPI ID and the other is the option to send money to your other account.


You want to select the Two Bank option. There you will see a plus sign in the lower right corner, click on it. After that, the bank has to be selected. Account Number, IFSC Code, and other details like Nick Name, etc. have to be uploaded. After this data is saved, you can transfer the money to the bank account.

Often in some banks, the UPI transfer limit is Rs 10 or Rs 5000. Some can send UPI to Bank or UPI to UPI ID up to Rs 1 lakh at a time.