Utility: Now you can pay rent with a credit card, and know the process of paying rent through PhonePe!


Many companies in the country have started the facility of paying rent through credit cards. There are many mobile apps in the market today like CRED, No broker, Payzapp, RedGirraffe, and Paytm through which you can pay your rent with a credit card. Did you know that you can pay house rent with your credit card through the digital payments company PhonePe? Today we are going to know about this in detail.

There will be an additional charge of 2 percent for paying the fare with a credit card through the PhonePe app. But you also get cashback or reward points. That is, for paying rent of Rs 10,000, you will have to pay Rs 10,200. Also, there is no additional charge for fare payment through UPI.

Then open the PhonePe app and click on See All in the Recharge and Pay Bills section.

Now in the utility section, you will see the option for rent payment.

After clicking on Rent Payment, you will see four options – House/Shop Rent, Society Maintenance, Broker Payment, and Property Deposit.

After clicking on the house/shop rent, enter the bank account details or UPI ID of the house owner/beneficiary there.

Then enter the rental amount.

Now select Credit Card as a payment mode.

The amount of rent will be deposited in the bank account of the landlord/beneficiary.


Benefits of paying the rent with a credit card

-You can save your cash by using a credit limit. Credit card payments are usually processed after 45-50 days. This way, you can invest the rent money somewhere and earn something.

-You can convert credit card transactions into EMIs. This means that you can pay the rent through EMIs as well.

Cashback or reward points are also available on credit card transactions.