Utility News: If you keep this app on your mobile, then your account may also be empty.


The more the people of the country are becoming digital these days, the more they are facing losses. In such a situation, you do many types of money transactions from your mobile, but there is no idea how safe it is. The reason is that there are many apps on your mobile and you use those apps but because of them your data is stolen and because of that you are a victim of fraud. In such a situation, you have to be careful with them.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that which app is working on your mobile and which is not. There are also many such apps that even empty your account. 

So keep in mind that you should not keep the stylish keyboard app on your mobile. By installing a separate keyboard app on your mobile, this app can steal your passwords during typing. 

Apart from this, you also keep a free antivirus app in order to keep the mobile safe from viruses. But this app should not be installed on mobile, it can also empty your accounts. In such a situation, you have to keep in mind which apps you should not keep.