Utility: If the phone has been stolen, first of all, do this important work, otherwise your bank account will be empty


Often we are not aware of what to do if the phone is stolen. There are many important things on your phone. It also includes banking details. At that time, there is a need to do some work quickly with a calm mind so that the bank account can be saved from emptying by misuse. Let us know today how to keep your account and the amount in your account safe if the phone is stolen.

The thief first looks at your banking details present on the phone. We should keep in mind that more and more people are making digital payments and using different apps.

Block sim card

After the phone is stolen, the first thing to do is to block the SIM card by calling customer care of the SIM card company or visiting the nearest center. In such a situation, the thief will not be able to make digital payments. OTP is required for digital payment. OTP will not come if the SIM card is blocked.


Also, call your bank. Do a full data reset on any new phone you get. Also, with the help of Gmail and Google, you can also turn off the axis of other apps on your phone. Most importantly, change all passwords. Don't save it anywhere.

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Stop UPI Payment

More importantly, when a thief can't open your bank details, he can rely on a payment app. You can try to find the password with the help of other apps. So if possible, first of all block it. Second, when you get a new phone, reset the payments app. Change its PIN and remove the Axis from the other device.

Reset passwords of all other apps in mobile from internet banking. This will prevent hackers from reaching you. No thief will misuse your phone.

File a complaint about lost phone at the police station. Give your phone and all the details to the police. Take a photo or xerox of the complaint letter from them. This can help you as a proof of loss if your phone has been misused.