UPI fraud: Do not make this mistake even during online payment, fraud will never happen


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is being used more than any digital payment platform in India, but the dangers are not less with it. UPI payment facility is available on all types of shopping sites, service portals. The news of scam regarding UPI also comes everyday. Now the question is how to make secure payment with UPI and stay safe. Let's understand it...


Stay away from unknown numbers and QR codes
    While paying through UPI, always make sure that you are scanning the original QR code. If you are paying through mobile number, then definitely check the number. You should pay with utmost care on the QR code on the gates and on the carts.

Do not enter PIN to receive money
    The biggest scam in UPI payment is that fraudsters request payment from people and people think that they are entering the PIN. Usually thugs tell the users that they have got some money in the lottery. Thugs also pretend to send money to people, but in reality they do not send money, but request for money and in this people get cheated. These thugs ask people to enter PINs to receive money.

Fake UPI app
    At present, there are fake apps of many popular apps in the market, about which people are not even aware. These fake apps look like real ones. Payment is also visible in these apps but money does not go into the account, so if you are a shopkeeper, do not let the customer go until the money comes in your account.


Do not share ID and PIN
    Lastly, always keep in mind that do not share the UPI PIN with anyone. Do not click on any unknown link that comes in the mail. Keep your e-mail ID and mobile number updated with your bank account.