UPI Tips: How to deactivate UPI Account if you lost your phone, know a simple way...


Now almost everyone is using digital payment. Even in the pandemic, digital payment options and touchless transactions helped in transacting. Usually, we are resorting to digital payment for purchases, because it is easy to make UPI payments using mobile. With the UPI payment option, the need to carry cash in your pocket is almost eliminated. With your smartphone, you can shop from big malls to small grocery stores. In such a situation, if your mobile is lost somewhere, then it can also empty your bank account. In this report, we will tell you how you can easily de-activate the UPI account in case your phone is stolen or lost. Let's know...


Follow these steps to de-activate UPI

-If the phone is stolen or lost, first of all, call the customer care executive of your mobile network and ask to block your mobile number and SIM immediately. This will prevent generating UPI PIN using your mobile number.

-To block the SIM, the customer care executive may ask you for your details like full name, billing address, last recharge details, email id, etc.

-After this, you need to call your bank's helpline number and ask them to block your bank account and stop the UPI services.


-After this you will have to register the FIR of the loss of the phone, using this you can get your SIM and banking services resumed later.

-It is easy to make UPI payments using mobile. With this, the need to carry hair in the pocket has almost been eliminated.