UPI ID: How to add multiple upi id with online payment app? Click here to know the process...


If you use the Google Pay app for online payments, but sometimes due to busy servers, the payment is not able to go to the front and get stuck in the middle, then use UPI ID i.e. Unified Payment Interface. Doing so can prove beneficial. However, very few people know the fact that Google Pay users can create not one or two, but four UPI IDs from their bank accounts.


Actually, online payment through UPI ID is quick and easy. Even if users create more than one UPI ID, they can also delete them whenever they want. The Government of India itself has taken several steps to promote digital payment options. In this, transactions can be done without any hassle using the Extra UPI ID with various banks in the online payment app Google Pay. For this, you app will select the optional route.

Four UPI IDs from one bank account
To link UPI ID with bank account through Google Pay app, login to Google Pay on your mobile phone. Now click on the photo option on the top right side of the screen. Here select the payment process option. After that select the bank account which you want to add for the new UPI ID. After that select the option of Manage UPI ID. Click on the plus sign for a new UPI ID.


You will be able to remove the payment app whenever you want
After that select the UPI ID used for making the payment in the Choose an Account to Pay with option here. After that click on Add Now option and in this way you will be able to create a new ID. In this way, you will be able to create four UPI IDs for the same bank account. Apart from this, you can also remove it whenever you want. This way you will be able to make your payment without any hassle or hindrance.