Twitter Alert: Your Twitter account can be hacked in just a minute, know how to stay safe...


Twitter account verification has become very easy now and if you are associated with any organization, celebrity or journalist then it is icing on the cake. Simply put, the blue tick verification process of Twitter has become very easy now. There will be many of you who would like to verify your Twitter account, but there are some very important things that you need to know. There is a huge scam going on on Twitter at the moment, which you can be a victim of only with the verification of the account. Let's know about it...


This message will come as soon as it is verified
Along with Twitter account verification, a big scam is going on today. As soon as your Twitter account is verified, a few seconds later you will get a message that will come in the name of a Twitter support team when in reality this message will not come from the Twitter support team but scammers.

In this message, you will be asked for your e-mail ID, mobile number, and identity card. This message is being written in such a way that you will be deceived and you will feel that the message will come from Twitter itself.

It is also written in the message that it is necessary to provide information for re-verification, otherwise, the blue tick will be withdrawn. As soon as you share this information under the guise of scammers, a notification of Twitter login or password reset will come to your e-mail. Do not click on it by mistake, otherwise, your account will be hacked in a jiffy.


As a tip for you, you must turn on Two Factor Authentication. Apart from this, do not come in the name of Twitter Support or reply to any such message in which personal information is asked from you. If any such message comes, report it immediately and block the account. So if the account is verified then be cautious and do not share information like e-mail id, or phone number with anyone.