Truecaller: After all, how does Truecaller know the name of the person calling from an unknown number? this is the reason


How Truecaller Identify Unknown Number: Today many people around the world use the Truecaller app. There are many such special features in this app, with the help of which person is calling the user from an unknown number. Gets to know about that. In such a situation, many times people ask how does the True Caller app find out the name of an unknown person? If you also do not know about this, then today we will learn about this topic. Apart from telling the name of an unknown caller, this app also gives you many other facilities. With the help of the Truecaller app, you can also do caller identification, call recording, and call blocking. That's why many people use this app. In this episode, let us know how the True Caller app finds out about the details of a person calling from an unknown number?

Whenever we install Truecaller on our smartphone. After that, we have to sign up to use the app. We are asked for a variety of details while signing up.


These details include name, mobile number, etc. Apart from this, Truecaller also asks you for permission to access many things like reading messages, reading contacts, etc.

After we give permission, Truecaller stores all our important data on its servers. Suppose you have a friend. In such a situation, your number and name will be saved on his phone. When your friend signs up on Truecaller. In this situation, Truecaller will store the call details of his mobile and many important data in its servers.

In this case, your name and number will also be stored on Truecaller's server. In this situation whenever some unknown person calls you. If his number and name are stored in Truecaller's server database, they will be displayed on your screen.