Tips and Tricks: These shortcut keys of computer are very amazing, will make your work easy


Shortcut Keys: In today's modern era, laptops and computers have become our necessity. From education, job, business to many other things are being done on laptops. It has made many of our tasks a lot easier. Since the Corona epidemic, many people are doing office work on their PC. On the other hand, it is important for you to remain sharp in today's fast-paced life. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about those shortcut keys of laptop, after using which you will be able to do your work faster than before. In this way you will save a lot of time. You would hardly know about these shortcut keys. If you use PC, then you must know about these shortcut keys. These shortcut keys are very easy to use. Let's know about them -


Window + alt + R
You would hardly know about this shortcut key. After pressing this shortcut key simultaneously, the screen recording of your laptop will start. For screen recording, you have to press Window + Alt + R buttons together. If you want to record the screen of your laptop, then you can do it in this simple way.

Window + L
If you are working in the office and during this time want to go for lunch or any other work without turning off the computer. In this case you can use Window + L shortcut key. After using this shortcut key, your PC will be locked.

Alt + Print
If you want to take a screen shot of an active window on your PC, you can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Alt + Print shortcut keys.


Window + M
If you have multiple windows open on your laptop and you want to minimize them all at once, then you can use Window + M shortcut key for this. After using this shortcut key, all the windows are open in your PC. They will all minimize together.