Tips and Tricks: Keep these things in mind before buying an old phone, know here...


Buying a used or second-hand smartphone is not an easy task. It is difficult to make up your mind to buy a used smartphone as there is always a chance of a better deal in fluctuating prices. Even when buying an old phone, the debate of Android vs iPhone exists. Prices vary when buying a used iPhone and Android flagship phone.

There is also a vast difference in the software scenario of a three-year-old iPhone and a three-year-old Android phone. Even the accessory support gets a chance. If you are also thinking of buying a second-hand phone, then in this report we will tell you what things should be kept in mind before buying a second-hand phone. Let's know...


Phone price
The price of the phone is one of the most important aspects to buy a second-hand phone. You should be aware of the price trends of used iPhones and Androids, as the price depends on the condition, dealer, and buyer of the phone. The prices of older iPhones tend to go down more slowly, leaving less of a price difference between the new and older iPhone models. Android phones drop in price faster than iPhones. If you are thinking of saving more money then you can choose a second-hand Android phone over a second-hand iPhone, as they are available a little cheaper.

Phone software
Before buying a second-hand phone, you need to know whether the mobile company is still giving the software update of the phone you are taking. Generally, iPhones provide software updates for a longer period, whereas Androids give software updates only for two or three years. Major software updates also give the iPhone a long time. In such a situation, it is important to know about the software update information of the second-hand phone.


Phone resale value
If you are buying a second-hand phone for a short period, then you should also be aware of its re-sale value. Smartphone prices fall based on the brand and model of the phone, while iPhone prices change slowly.

Phone accessories
When buying a second-hand phone, it becomes necessary to know about its accessories like battery, charging adapter, charging cable, phone cases, and screen protectors. When the phone becomes too old, it becomes difficult to find its accessories in the market, for this keep in mind that the phone should not be too outdated.