Tips And Tricks: These five tips and tricks will make your laptop fast, know here...


Microsoft's Windows 11 has brought many features. In this, the user can also customize the Start Menu and Taskbar in his Windows. In Windows 11, you get to see a new user interface. Because Microsoft has made changes in many factors of memory management, disk usage, app priority, CPU, and battery in Windows 11. So Windows 11 needs to be optimized properly.

If you use these customizations properly, then your system will also work at twice the speed and there will be no problem with hanging. If you are troubled by Windows 11 slow speed, then in this report we have brought five very useful tricks and tips for you, using which you can easily speed up your Windows 11 speed. Let's see...


Tips 1. Restart and Update
-To update the system, first, go to the Settings menu, then click on Windows Update and select Check for updates. If any update is showing in your system then do a system update and restart your system.

-After the system update, you can turn off Automatic Windows Update, this will not eliminate unnecessary data in your system and will not make your system work slow. To turn off automatic Windows updates, go to the Run menu, type Service, then go to the Windows Update option and select Manual in the Startup type.

Tips 2. Disable Startup Programs/Apps
-The speed can also be increased by disabling startup programs in Windows 11. These startup programs start as soon as you start your PC and slow down the system from you. To disable them, select Task Manager from the Start menu. You can also use Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

-After this, disable the non-essential app by going to the Startup option. You can easily disable the app by clicking on the site. You can also disable the app by going directly to the app's startup menu.


Tips 3. Defragment Hard Disk
-Over time, the hard disk of the system can get scattered, which slows down its speed. That's why it becomes necessary to defragment the hard disk. From Windows, go to the Defragment and Optimize Drives option. Complete the process by selecting the drive you want to defragment.

Tips 4. Upgrade to RAM and Memory
-The role of RAM and memory is very important in the speed of your computer or laptop. If your system has Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and you shift to Solid State Drive (SSD) then you will notice a lot of change in system speed.