Tips And Tricks: Now eSIM will be able to transfer via Bluetooth, this is the way...


E-SIM was introduced by Apple with its iPhone. After that Samsung also supported eSIM in its phone. Activation of e-SIM is done through software and you do not need any physical SIM. The earlier e-SIM card could not be transferred but now it is possible.

Apple has provided an eSIM transfer facility with its new operating system. Now you can transfer your iPhone's eSIM via Bluetooth. Usually, there used to be a problem with the SIM in new phones, because the SIM card had to be deleted every time a new phone was replaced, but now this will not happen.


How to Transfer eSIM
Apple has introduced the facility to transfer eSIM via Bluetooth with iOS 16. This feature will also be available in OS after iOS 16. With iOS 16, Apple has given two options for SIM cards. The first is to transfer the eSIM to the iPhone via Bluetooth and the second is to ask your telecom company for the code for the e-SIM.

You will get the option of Setup Cellular only while setting up the new iPhone with iOS 16. During that time you will get the option of Bluetooth and QR code for eSIM card transfer, out of which you can choose any one option. This move by Apple is brilliant and deserves a compliment.


What is E-SIM?
The full form of E-SIM is the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. This is a virtual sim installed on the mobile phone. Through e-SIM, you will be able to do all the work including phone, and messages, but you will not need to put it on the phone.

The biggest advantage of e-SIM is that if you want to change the company of your SIM, then you do not have to change the SIM card. Apart from this, the SIM will not be affected in case the phone gets damaged or gets wet.