Tips And Tricks: How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, know here...


Nowadays almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp. There are many features available on WhatsApp according to the need and convenience of the user, including the option to block unwanted contacts. Sometimes someone blocks you for some reason and you are not even aware of it. Although there is no option to unblock yourself, you can get information about the status of the block. Let's know in some easy steps.


Tips No 1- Check Last Seen / Online Status
If you are not able to check the user's last seen and online status, then you may have been blocked by that user, although sometimes users also remove their last seen option, so that they are blocked. Whether it is done or not can be estimated.

Tips No. 2- Check Profile Photo
If you do not see the last seen and online status of the user, then you see the profile photo of that user. If the profile is not showing, you may have been blocked. It may also happen that the user has removed his profile photo but the chances of getting blocked are high.

Tips No. 3- Check Message Delivery Status
If you suspect that someone has blocked you, you can send a message to that number. If the message is not being delivered then it has two meanings. The first is that you have been blocked, and the second is that the user's internet is down. Now if your message is not delivered even in two-three days then you have been blocked by that user.


Tips number 4- call the contact
If your suspicion is confirmed that you have been blocked then you can make a WhatsApp call on that number. If you are blocked, then your call will not be connected and you will not see the ring option on WhatsApp.

Tips No. 5- Create a WhatsApp Group
You can also create a WhatsApp group to know the status of the block. If you see the message "you are not authorized to add this contact" then you are very likely to be blocked.